Product Information: 

High quality Print photographies, printed by Professional Lab on Professional photography paper. Finished with Matt, Glossy or Luster. The prints are Unframed except if are marked as Framed. The Print that You will receive will not have watermark like this on sample images at the webpage. It will be tagged with my name - Angel Gruev, but probably You might not see it, because will be very, very small for additional security of authenticity. The Print Photographies also will be signed by the artist - me.

If You do not see the desireable print size, You could contact me via an e-mail agphotoo@yahoo.com

There are two types of print edition: Open edition and Limited edition, under a sample image will find what edition the image is Open or Limited. For Limited edition Photography, You will receive a certificate issued by the artist - me. On certificate will be written: The number of edition, size of the print, the year of creation, name of the artist - me. The certificate will be signed also by me.

The size of Photography print may vary from 3,5x5 inches to 50x60 inches, in centimetres that means from 9x13 sm to 127x152,4 sm, depends from desirable Photography.



Payment process: 

It is very easy to operate with, just click on the button that is located under the sample image with name "Add to cart or Print size and the price". Then, will be opened another window at PayPal page, where will see what kind of billing information is necessary to checkout, all information You will add is at PayPal page.  I do not collect any kind of Billing or Payment information. 

All necessary billing information You should to add will be at PayPal page. I said it again, just to be crystal clear.  


International postal shipping takes two to four weeks.

All pieces of art are packaged very carefully and will be shipped within 1-3 business days; 1-5 business days after payment be done. I ship to Your PayPal adres.

Refund and Exchange: 

If the print, piece of art was damaged or was lost or something else wrong with. Send me an e-mail via agphotoo@yahoo.com, please. The piece of art is considered lost, if it's not be delivered  within 26 works days. After that I will send You another piece of art. 

I do my best about the piece of art to be very well packaged, to prevent any physical damages.

Intellectual Property: 

I do not allow any kind of reproduction, resale, commercial usage, collage or any actions on my Image(s), Photography(ies), Print(s), Product(s) without my personal permission. All Rights on pieces of Art, images, photographies are reserved by Angel Gruev. 


My location is Sofia, Plovdiv - Bulgaria

If You have any question related with Shipping, Package, Photographies, Editions and so on, do not hesitate to ask me.

All the best,
Angel Gruev - aG

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